Goldee’s Line Tips

-We recommend showing up between 8-10 a.m. to guarantee the full menu. With that said, some things may run out and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The line usually shortens by about 1-2 p.m., but we can’t guarantee the full menu will still be available at that time. We aim to have chopped beef, sausage and anything else that is left until 3 p.m. every day we are open.

Currently, the line for to-go orders is the same as the ordering line. We are working on adding pre-orders and will update the website accordingly when this option is available.

There is free water provided daily (and sometimes free beer for guests aged 21 and over) We provide some seating for the line, but feel free to bring your own lawn chairs, as seating options become more and more limited as the line gets longer.

During winter months, we provide patio heaters to keep you and your party warm while waiting. We ask that you get a good idea of what you want to order before placing your order inside. This allows us to keep the line moving quickly and efficiently and mitigate the amount of waiting time for guests in line!


Ordering Guide

We recommend about ½ - ¾lbper person on average. If you’re not super hungry and just want a few bites, we suggest ordering ¼lb.

2 ribs = ½lb, 4 ribs = 1lb

1 sausage link = ¼ -⅓lb

2 slices of turkey = ¼lb, 4 slices = ½lb, 8 slices = 1lb

Brisket orders come ½ lean and ½ fatty in order to be mindful of everyone in line!

Sides: Small: feeds 1-2people

Medium: feeds 4 people

Large: feeds 8 people

To-go Orders

If you want your food for here, please don’t get it to-go. We have to-go containers ready for you inside the dining room! If you have both a to-go order and a dinining in order at the restaurant, please let the cutter know first so we can do that before making the fresh in-house order.

FYI: We recommend ordering together and sharing as a group to move the line more quickly. We don’t sell burnt ends, but sometimes you can get extra if we have them. We also try to give you one at the counter when you are ordering!

All orders come with fresh bread, but since we make it in-house, we can’t offer absurd amounts to save enough for each guest. If you need more pickles or onions, just ask!

We don’t do separate orders on different payments.

A Friendly Note from the Goldee’s Family

Please be patient and kind to the people working on the service line. We want to serve you the best quality, at the fastest pace, with the best service and are more than willing to accommodate any need you might have! After your meats are cut, the sides person will get all your sides, desserts, pickles, onions, and bread. Sauce is on the table. Enjoy!